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Saint Martin’s day in Venice

Saint Martin’s day is a very important celebration for Venetians: all the pastry windows are full of colorful cake full of candy, chocolate with a cent in the middle. Its’ Saint Martin’s cake!


Everything starts with the legend of Martino, a soldier  that riding his horse in a gloomy November day, saw a poor  man chilling  under the rain. Immediately

 the soldier take his sword, cut a part of his cloak and donated it to the poor man.  It was a very charitable deed. And while Martino was riding away  clouds, cold and rain disappear: the sun shined  again and  temperature went up: saint martin’s summer was started! 

 If you are in Venice in November in a sunny day  you still listened Venetians say: “ it’s saint Martin’s summer” and you can also find small groups of children  knocking at the door asking for a money or a piece of this cake.  And parents are celebrating tasting the new wine and eating chestnut together

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