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Pennette with Treviso Chicory and walnut


350 gr di pasta

100 gr walnut’s kernels

500 gr Treviso Chicory

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper as you prefer

Parmigiano Reggiano as you prefer




Take a pot full of water and meke it boil.

In the meantime wash and cut the chicory  into strips.

Take a pan, put some olive oil inside and warm  it up and put Treviso Chicory in the same pan.  Dress it with salt and pepperand leave it cooking for few minutes (2-3 min. are enough).

Cut walnuts in small and irregular pieces.

And mow, water is boiling so weight pasta and put it in the hot water. Cook pasta: you can choose the kind that you prefer: pennette, fusilli and so on.

When pasta will be ready, drain it and put it in th pan with chicory and walnut. Mix it and add some Parmesan on top. Now it’s ready!

Buon appetito



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