The best way to start 2020? Breakfast, of course!

Happy new year  everyone!! We’re here, start  other 365 days full of news with our followers..

Afert a lot of meal full of dishes it’s time to go on the right food way starting from breakfast.

Breakfast is the first (main) meal f the day and it’s so important for our organism and our healthy: it was also during the Old Aging: Romans were used to ate bread,  Grecians prefered olives, wine, figs and  rice cake.

Afet the discover of the New World, in 1492, came in Europe from America a lot of foods that changed breakfast as coffee, chocolate and form Asia as spieces, tea and infusion.

The word breakfast, “colazione” in Italians, come from latin word “colationem” that means the place into the monastery where monks meeting togheter after the night rest to have a spiritual speech called “colatio”. From here the real meaning of breakfast: a meal that need to be shared with family friends, colleagues to discuss  enjoying the meal.


And now some figures.

92% of people think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day  (ISTAT analysis 2016), but  7 milions of them  don’t have breakfast usully for several reasons as:

(50%) stomach closed,

(34%) not enough time

(37%) to have abundant luch

86% of Italian people that have breakfast everyday and, 65%  of them is used to eat something “sweet”,  7% only salted food as a   toast, and 28% sometimes sweet, other  saldted.

and now the question: Should be breakfast sweet or saldted?


Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong answers depends on you taste.The imporant thing is that breakfast  contatin all the nutriences necessary  to wake our body and our mind up.

Severals studies confrim that eole that have a complete breakfast every day, have mind funcion more productive than the others, glycemic levels balanced, and less probability to be oversized.

So we stard to find some rules for a complete breakfast.


Have breakfast slowly, take 5 min more or less. You can prepare everyting the evening before


change food in the first meal of the day: il will be easier!

You can have hot tea or hot milk maybe with an orange, and yogurt with bluberry and ice tea in summer…


You can eat everything starting from chocolate: dark chocolate will be better. Try to eat just a little of industrial bakery product: they’re falls friends!

It will be better homemade food, cooking it’s so fun! It’s better to used whole flour and cereals: they have more nutrional facts than other ingredients.

Here a sample of breakfast:

1 cup of tea, coffee or milk

150 g fresh fruit or vegetables (you can make a smoothie)

125 g Yogurt

50 g cereals ( muesli, bread..)

30 g dry fruits as walnuts, almonds, nuts..





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